Take a look at this page:

Wi-Fi Alliance: Product Search

I searched for the text '1T1R' and only came up with Realtek.

If you search their site you should be able to confirm which card you have.


I there are a few listed when I searched:

  • RTL8188CE
  • RTL8188CE-VAU
  • RTL8188CUS
  • RTL8188RE
  • RTL8188RU
  • RTL8188SU

I searched for my adaptor, but they appear to be only showing an updated version. Mine is the RTL8191SE, not the RTL8191SE-VA2. Both are listed on the first link, but only the specs of the latest is available on the Realtek website.

Reading the spec for each of cards listed, they all share the following in their 'features' list:
  • 72.2Mbps receive PHY rate and 72.2Mbps transmit PHY rate using 20MHz bandwidth
  • 150Mbps receive PHY rate and 150Mbps transmit PHY rate using 40MHz bandwidth

The RTL8191SE-VA2 has the following mentioned in it's features:

  • Maximum Tx/Rx PHY data rate up to 72.2M/144.4Mbps using 20MHz bandwidth, 150M/300Mbps using 40MHz bandwidth