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I have started to have a similar problem to what the OP mentioned.

Oddly it has coincided with me getting a NAS and trying to shove a load of data on it.
This could have been caused by various influences.

Does it start working normally again if you unplug the NAS from the i) LAN; ii) mains?

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I have the same Netgear router. A few people have mentioned buying a replacement router, but I thought we were contractually bound to only use Sky supplied routers?
Whilst it is in Sky's T&Cs they would upset a large number of people who are using their own routers if they started to enforce this.

I am currently using my own router. If it were causing major technical problems with their servers or the ADSL connection, then I would be the first to say that it should not be used. since this isn't the case, I'll continue to use it.

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How many ethernet ports does the Sagemcom Pack F@ST 2504N have?
All domestic routers come with 4 Ethernet ports. If you require more, then a Network Switch is a good idea. These come with anything from 4 to 32 Ports (perhaps a few more with some, but then this is for business use, not the home). 5 & 8 Port switches are common for the home market.