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    My Dead sagem router

    This is a discussion on My Dead sagem router within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Hi, I have looked around the forum for the answers but cant see anything specific to my issue so though ...

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      My Dead sagem router


      I have looked around the forum for the answers but cant see anything specific to my issue so though i would post in the hope that somebody would be knid enough to help me out...(sorry for the long explanation)

      I have a Sagem router (its about 4 years old - the black one) that i have been more than please with.
      Over the last two weeks i noticed that every so often the wirless would intermittantly drop out. I didnt think too much into this, other than it being my wirless signal, as it came back on a minute or so later.
      Anyway...a couple of of days after this the connection died completley....

      after all the usual switching off and resetting and general troubleshooting i noticed that the lights on the box started going a bit crazy - complete random and different combinations appearing when switching it on and / amber / red / flashing / solid - all ports / all lights were affected.....

      In my non technical estimation i assumed that the router was dead.....i rang sky to confirm, and after the same diagnostic testing the guy on the other end of the phone agreed i needed a new one.....

      So my question (after all that!!)

      Sky want to charge me 28 for a new router to come out to me... i asked if i could have it free - he said no.

      I have visited this site a few time before and was aware (that whilst not reccomended) it was possible to connect your own router..... however after going through all these process that are listed on the site it apears that to do this you need informtaion from you router first (ADSL username / password)....Can i now not get this as my router is completely dead?

      Is there anything that i can do or is it best to just pay up and get the router for the 28? (as i can get a spare router from a friend)

      any help would be much appreciated....

      Kind Regards

      Andy Davies

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      Re: My Dead sagem router

      You may wish to attempt to connect your computer to the Sagem by using the short yellow Ethernet cable which was supplied with the router. If you have a longer Ethernet cable, this will be fine to use. whilst the WiFi has dies, the router might still be ok for a short period.

      See if you can log on to the router and get it's statistics.

      How to get your router statistics

      If you can't do this, then you would be unable to extract the password from it.

      As for getting a replacement router, you actually have a few choices.

      call again to see if someone else will treat you more favourably
      if you can extract the sign on details, then you could purchase your own router and use this instead
      go through to cancellations & when they ask why state that Sky wishes to charge you 28 to replace a four year old router which has died
      Sky has recently released a new WiFi n based router at a cost of 35, you could purchase one of these

      If you do go through the cancellations route, you should be prepared to be taken seriously. Sage advise would recommend that you give 30 days notice of intent to cancel, with a specific request not to actually cancel the telephone & broadband. This will allow you time to find an alternative supplier and not be disconnected in the mean time.

      If a cancellation is put through, it can severally delay the transfer to a new provider.

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      Re: My Dead sagem router

      It does not matter if your Sagem is dead, it does not need to be connected to get the details. The information you need is on the label on the router. For the Sagem, you need the LAN MAC address and the default Wireless key, both of these are on the label. Copy these very carefully or you will not be given the correct information,


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