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    New user seeks some advice.

    This is a discussion on New user seeks some advice. within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Hi all Iím new to this forum, but i am wondering if there is anyone here who knows enough to ...

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      New user seeks some advice.

      Hi all Iím new to this forum, but i am wondering if there is anyone here who knows enough to be able to advise me.
      I live in a smallish semi-detached Bungalow. I need to be able to use my router wirelessly throughout the bungalow. It will work fine if you are in the same room or in the hallway, or in the rooms adjacent to the room the router is in, but as soon as you try to go 1 room away you lose all signal.
      The router is a Sageem, but has no model number on it. My question is can I increase the output in any way to make it more powerful so that It will go to another room? Or is there any way that i can make it work a bit better? Or any other suggestion anyone may have to help improve the output.
      The big problem i have is that my printer is also wireless and will not work unless I use an Ethernet cable, then i have no broadband signal to my laptop or my desktop.
      As a last resort can anyone suggest a router that will have enough power to work through 2 walls and around 8 meters maximum distance between router and desktop/printer? If I move the router I cannot use my or my wifeís laptops and we cannot use the Wii...
      Thank you

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      Re: New user seeks some advice.

      Homeplugs are quite a good device to use. You buy at least 2 and they plug into your electricity wall sockets. One by the router with a cable connecting it to the router and the other(s) in other parts of the house where you want internet access.

      You can then plug another wireless router into the second homeplug to create a bigger and wider wireless signal around the house.

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      Re: New user seeks some advice.

      It sounds like the walls in your property are a little too solid for the WiFi signal. Depending on which router you actually have, you could have a weak WiFi g router or a stronger WiFi g router.

      If you can identify the router it may help.

      If the casing dull grey with dimples like a golf ball (2504) or shiny grey on top & shiny black underneath (2304n)?

      Also, how is the router positioned at the moment? All the recent Sky routers benefit from using the supplied stand. For the 2304n the best position is with the ADSL port lower most.

      All this might be academic. If your walls are too solid, then there are a couple of alternative solutions that I can think of at present:

      • use a series of HomePlugs
      • fit an old WiFi router or WiFi access point in the loft where I assume the signal will be able to get through the ceiling better

      HomePlugs use your electrical wiring to transmit the Ethernet signal between two or more points. There are some that also support WiFi access. HomePlugs cost from around £35 for a pair, up to over £100. They benefit from a good electrical wiring system.

      The idea of placing a router in the loft would require a connection to your main router via the Ethernet cable or a pair of HomePlugs. Configuring the 2nd router is explained elsewhere in this forum. Before thinking about this option, I would recommend that you check out how feasible it is first.

      You can do this by simply checking to see if you have an electrical point in the loft or by running a temporary extension lead. Next plug in the old WiFi router and see how well you can access it from around your home.

      Edit: I've just seen RDC's post. Much the same as what I've been explaining, but it might be a good idea to see which router you have first. HomePlugs also come in a variety of styles. There are those which only support a Wired connection (an old router can use this) and some that have WiFi built in. The WiFi can be either WiFi g or WiFi n. WiFi n would offer the better signal if your existing devices support it.

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      Re: New user seeks some advice.

      You might want to try changing the channel in the router. That may improve things for you. Download and install Inssider from the link below and use it to discover the channels in use in your area. Choose a channel as far from those in use as possible.


      Please note the views and recommendations in my posts are my own and in no way reflect the views of SkyUser.

      Useful Utilites TCPOptimiser /Test Socket

      Note - When downloading always select the Custom install or you will end up with stuff you don't want.



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