Hi there, could anyone help me please? I am at the end of my tether.

I used to have a Netgear router which worked a charm but it died on me and I was sent a Sagemcom router as replacement. This is where everything broke down. I have a wifi cam and on the old Netgear, I set it up to be accessible through a dns address at home (local access) as well as outside the house. I can't seem to do that now with the Sagem router. This is what I did:
I set up my cam with a static IP on port 80. I then reserved the IP address on my router as well as enter the DNS info in the dynamic dns page. I then forwarded the port and IP on the inbound services page of the router. I did all this on my old netgear when it was alive and it worked ok. However on the Sagem, everytime I go to the dns address (on the local network), I am directed to my default gateway i.e. page i.e. the Sky Broadband front page. I've been at it for a few hours now and I can't seem to get anywhere with it. Can anyone help? Why am I redirected to the Sky BB page and not the cam page which is on port 80?

Please help.