If your D-Link Sky router has been updated to Firmware 2.04, you will then be unable to use the username and password extraction program, unless that is, you downgrade the firmware. Here are the instructions for how to do this.

Instructions for Flashing The DSL-2640S - only necessary if the firmware has upgraded to Sky_2.04.

Warning: flashing the router could render it permanently inoperative if anything goes wrong, so proceed at your own risk

If you wish to do this, disconnect the phone line from the router, reset the router to its factory defaults (you may wish to back-up your current settings first), then power it up with the reset button held in until the "tick" led starts flashing. This puts the router into recovery mode, you can then use the dlink DSL-2640S recovery utility included on the CD to flash the router. Or if you don't have Windows, you can access the recovery user interface by browsing to, after first configuring your PC with a fixed IP address (eg, as the router doesn't run a DHCP server while in recovery mode.

Do not turn off the power while the firmware is being written to the router.

If the Sky router is unable to connect to Sky after downgrading, reset it to its factory defaults for the downgraded firmware, by holding in the reset button in for 10 seconds when it is already powered up.

The link below is to download Firmware 1.07.


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