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    Strange problem with Sagem Sky Router

    This is a discussion on Strange problem with Sagem Sky Router within the Sky Router forums, part of the Sky Broadband help category; Afternoon all, Ok a little back story. My parents PC (Pentium 4 3.6, 2gb DDR, Radeon 4650, Win XP, DFI ...

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      Strange problem with Sagem Sky Router

      Afternoon all,

      Ok a little back story. My parents PC (Pentium 4 3.6, 2gb DDR, Radeon 4650, Win XP, DFI 915P Motherboard) recently started to overheat. The standard intel CPU hsf wasnt up to the task. I replaced the stock fan and all is well, temps are low and the PC worked great until i tried to connect it to their Sky Broadband Router (Sagem Grey) using a wired connection.

      What happens is every time i open a web browser (Chrome, IE8 etc) after a few seconds of surfing, the Sky router disconnects from the internet.

      Basically it goes...

      - Open browser (chrome, firefox, IE, ive tried a few)
      - Homepage appears, its currently (dont ask) ive tried other pages set to home too. Still connected, everything looks fine.
      - Try navigating to any other page or click on a link from Home page and the page freezes, router disconnects i.e green flashing light that represents internet on the sky router goes out then starts flashing orange/red like it does when you first turn it on and it tries to connect except it cant connect to anything even if you leave it.
      - Clicking refresh in the browser brings up a Sky Broadband splash screen stating that the connection is down. A box asking for username and password pops up to.
      - If i close the browser down the router reconnects to the internet (orange/red flashing light turns green). I can then start the whole process of again by opening a browser.

      Now my parents also have a Dell Netbook (Win 7 Starter) which works perfectly with the Sky router by both Wired and Wireless connection, no disconnects, no problems. Also the PC with the problem worked fine with the O2 router at my house for hours on end while i was replacing the stock fan. So whats the problem?

      I cant understand why the Sky router disconnects when using a browser on only this computer all of a sudden. It was working fine before i changed the fan? I havent changed anything else or reinstalled XP or anything so all the drivers are the same. Ive also run Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes a few times and found nothing in the way of Malware or Viruses.

      Any helpful suggestions as to a solution would be appreciated.

      Thanks, Chris.

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      Re: Strange problem with Sagem Sky Router

      If this only happens with one PC it could be the network card is faulty. This could have happened when the PC was overheating. I presume it is a built in NIC. The only way to check would be to fit a plug in NIC.

      If it only happens when connected to the router it is unlikely, but another reason could be a dodgy PSU in the PC putting 'dirty' current back into the power line.

      Once again unlikely, but Sagems suffer badly from dodgy PSUs, if you have a spare one that will fit, try replacing the Sagem PSU with it.


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      Re: Strange problem with Sagem Sky Router

      As Tom has suggested, the problem is likely to be related to the network adaptor becoming damaged.

      If you have had a CPU overheat, I would also want to check may other components within your PC to ensure that they too have not been damaged.

      Any & everything needs to be checked. It doesn't take much to fry a PC and damaged the circuitry.

      If you have access to any diagnostic software, now would be a good time to use it.

      One such collection of very useful tools is Hiren's Boot CD.

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