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O.K. Well it looks like it is back to Sky and further investigation. How frustrating this problem must be, but there seems little else you can do other than badger Sky.
Yes, very frustrating. To the credit of Sky, I must say that on the whole they have been very good and have kept me informed most of the time.
I do hope that they can resolve the issue, otherwise I'll have little choice but to move over to Virgin.

Virgin are supposed to one of the best BB providers out there, but taking only BB is quite expensive (compared to Sky) and therefore I'd probably cancel my newish contract with sky and go all in with Virgin. (I think I'd have a good case for early cancellation as the BB issues were one of the key drivers when I was contemplating moving over a month ago. Sky promissed that they would get my BB issues resolved).

However, from what I have heard, Virgin support is very bad and they are notorious for messing up the billing.