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The actual wording on the Blocked sites Help is-
"blocking access to certain domains (for example, pornoXXXsiteXXX.com) or
blocking sites that contains certain words (like profanity or explicit sexual material)".

That seems to indicate that the blocking is done if the site itself contains blocked words, not just its name, but to be honest, I don't really know.
I just put the letter ‘a’ into the blocked sites/keywords and everything was blocked, including http://www.bbc.co.uk which doesn’t have an ‘a’ in its url. I also tried 5 ‘a’s’ as a control, so your assumption is correct, Isitme. Sites are blocked on content as well as url, meaning I will have to be a little more specific about what I block.

The Problem here, of course is that if I try to block a site and a security site mentions that site in an article I want to read, I probably won’t be able to access it. I am sure my old Netgear didn’t work like that. So it seems this is a Sky configuration, presumably to save us from ourselves!