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I have ordered a Belkin Wireless N router which I now intend using as an access point until someone finds a crack for the new D-Link.

Here's to hoping that someone will work out the crack to get the username/password out of the D-link pretty soon.
The D-Link has been cracked a while back. But if your D-Link has had the firmware on it updated to 2.04 and the connection type has changed to MER, then the crack I will provide a link to below will not work.

When you use the program to extract the username and password off of the D-Link, switch your firewall off before running the program, after you have extracted the details you can switch it back on.

Here's a link to the authors page, its wise to have a read of this before running the program.

Mel's Notes: Sky D-Link DSL-2640S Router Password Extractor.

Here's a direct link to extraction software:
RapidShare AG, Cham, Switzerland