I've had Sky ! since not long after it came out and it's been great.

However, I am in Edinburgh, and if I look at the planner, 101 shows BBC 1 Scotland HD. But if I record a programme on 101, I get the BBC Northern Ireland version.

Anyone know why? It's more of an inconvenience than a problem.

But I wondered if it was connected with my other problem.

I run all my AV devices through an Arcam amp, and this has worked fine for years. However recently (I think around the time of the last big Sky Q fw update but can't prove it so it could be hearsay) I started getting Lon from 20 seconds to 7 minutes) silences on certain channels - almost always HD ones.

This can happen when starting to play back a recording, or when, say, BBC News hand over to an OB report.

If I repeatedly rewind to the start of what I want to watch, then I'll eventually get sound and it will carry on with no problems for the rest of the programme - unless they switch to OB to I press pause.

I've not had time yet to route Sky Q direct to my tv to see if that can eliminate the problem but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone had seen a similar issue.