Just last Sunday afternoon I had Sky Q installed in my bungalow home, main 2tb box is hard wired Ethernet so perfect, the router is in the conservatory which links to the kitchen. The Sky engineer fitted the mini box to the kitchen saying it was the best signal that he could achieve & said as he was leaving that I could hard wire it if I wanted & left, to be honest his helpfulness sucked the kitchen tv was useless & unwatchable.

A call was made to Sky & their escalations team who arranged a further visit the next day Mon 26th, another polite engineer turned up with a colleague who he smiled when introducing him (the second fellow) as an apprentice, they asked of the initial engineer & confirmed the way he left the instal.

They soon set to work placed a booster & hidden Ethernet cable to the kitchen. It was only then that I discovered the second fellow (apprentice) was actually the team manager checking on the instal, he mentioned something about a mesh & showed me readings of 2990 on his machine which he explained was good with the equipment being in a green colour on his screen.

They left, I was happy & called Sky asking the engineers James & Shaun be congratulated on their attitude & helpfulness.

Top marks to Sky