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    Back to Sky HD I go....

    This is a discussion on Back to Sky HD I go.... within the Sky Q forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; I'm done with Sky Q. I posted this thread last year, and things haven't improved. My primary issue was the ...

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      Back to Sky HD I go....

      I'm done with Sky Q. I posted this thread last year, and things haven't improved. My primary issue was the fact that, unlike Sky HD, there was no way of separating the planner into categories, and that hasn't changed after 12 months of use and 18 months since release. This is frankly ludicrous and inexcusable. Combine that with a few other shortcomings like the terrible remotes and the ongoing lack of a single button to get to the TV Guide and I still believe that it was released far too early and overall is a step back. Then you have bugs like the constantly occurring blank thumbnail annoyance in the planner (requiring a full reset to fully get rid of, only for it to return a few months later) and you really have to ask what kind of team Sky have running what they like to claim is the future of TV.

      The final straw came a few weeks back when I realised how weak (read virtually non-existent) the parental controls are. I came down one morning to find my 9 year old son watching The Walking Dead. Surprised, I presumed he'd somehow worked out the PIN as I have all parental controls ticked. But no, a few hours of research and a couple of hours on the phone to Sky and I discover that, if a program has been recorded live and no age rating is associated with it (quite common on Sky I discovered), it is quite literally impossible to set it to need a PIN. Let me say that again, The Walking Dead, if you record it when it's being broadcast, can be watched by anyone from the planner and you cannot set it to require a PIN. This also happens with numerous other unsuitable programs like Game Of Thrones I discovered. Download it from On Demand? A PIN will be requested. Record it live? No. And to make things worse, unlike Sky HD, you can't manually lock a program to need a PIN. Again, a backwards step. The conclusion? Sky Q at this time is completely unsuitable for anyone with children. An advisor for Sky effectively admitted as much to me on the phone after spending an hour with a Sky Q box trying to prove me wrong and being unable to do so.

      I can't lie, I will miss certain things. The complete lack of concern regarding recording clashes is great, as is the mini-box I have up in the bedroom allowing full access to everything recorded downstairs. But for every good thing Sky Q offers there are at least two things that annoy the hell out of me. And I have never gotten used to the UI - every time I use someone else's Sky HD box, I find myself missing the way it works.

      I still have my 2TB Sky HD box and an engineer is coming out in a few days to change the LNB to a hybrid. The additional bonus is that I will have exactly the same package for 21 a month less.
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      Re: Back to Sky HD I go....

      I do feel that the Q was released too soon. It was (still is, occasionally) buggy - the planner, as you mentioned, is just annoying. One of the main things that has annoyed us from the start is that with the old box you could be in the middle of watching a recorded programme, stop watching it (say I went out to make a cuppa, hubby watches football for a while), then come back and just press the "play" button on the remote to resume. With the combined pause/play on the same button, that is now no longer possible.

      I've dumped the touch sensitive remote. I couldn't work it and when I tried, it basically did it's own thing. And one false nudge by your elbow on the side of the sofa or something, and everything would go mad. Multiple times I've used the "apps" (well, one of the two .. youtube) and the playing of music via it .. and for the life of me I can never find those options again. It should be obvious how to find things .. but it isn't. It would also be nice to have some integration with other "apps" such as netflix, but hey ho.

      We've noticed the black tiles .. the main times it's happened seems to be (a) after the box has had an update or (b) when we used Virgin for our broadband. After lengthy investigation and several engineer visits, Virgin confessed that it was a known issue their hubs reacted poorly with Sky Q.

      The minibox occasionally loses signal from the main box .. and then takes forever trying to step by step you through various processes, tell you you need an engineer out, then 5 minutes later connect as if nothing ever happened. The last time this happened, it said there was an IP address problem.

      All that aside though .. I love the fact that I can record so many more channels at once. I like that i can watch something in one room, then continue to watch it in another, or on an ipad. I like that I can access the Q box from either the minibox or the ipad, and watch anything recorded (NOT keen on the lack of easy fast forward through adverts on the ipad though). For us, we didn't have multiroom before, although we did have the 2TB box, and I'd be loath to lose that option.



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