At Sky we’re passionate about protecting the environment. We were the first media company to go carbon neutral over 10 years ago and are committed to helping others reduce their environmental impact too. We work with our partners and suppliers to help reduce carbon emissions throughout our supply chain.

After several months of collaboration we are excited to announce that Zinwell, one of our manufacturing partners in China, is now producing around 50 percent of its onsite energy needs through solar power.

We’ve helped Zinwell install large-scale solar panels at their site in Shenzhen, China, the first of its kind, which will produce 1.4 megawatts a year, the equivalent needed to provide energy for 500 UK homes for 12 months.

This is important because Zinwell are a long term partner to Sky who produce Sky products, including Sky Q 2TB boxes and satellite dish receptors and by working together, they’re playing a key role in helping Sky minimise our impact on the environment.

Chris Moore, Head of Manufacturing for Sky, said:
''At Sky we’re playing our part in helping protect against climate change, that’s why we’ve embarked on an exciting new project in China. We’re confident that this collaboration will encourage other suppliers in the area to consider using renewable energy sources in their manufacturing processes. As part of our commitment to being a responsible business we look forward to working with more of our suppliers to help cut carbon emissions in the future''.