Virgin Media TV Customers Facing Price Rise for Sky Content - ISPreview UK
Approximately 900,000 of Virgin Mediaís existing customers, specifically those who take a triple-play bundle of broadband, phone and TV that includes the Sky Sports or Sky Movies content, look set to face a monthly price increase of between £1 and £2.50 on their bills.

Customers began receiving the related notification letters last week, although the increase does not currently impact those who are still under a promotional offer price (i.e. recent customers). The changes are due to the recent increase in Skyís (Sky Broadband) wholesale prices for their TV channels, which Virgin Media are now passing on to end-users.

Skyís own subscribers have already been warned about the same increase (here) and, much like Virgin Media, they too were informed that the changes would be introduced from 1st June 2016. Meanwhile Virginís adjusted pricing for new subscribers will be shown from the end of this month.

As usual Ofcomís industry rule means that mid-contract price increases such as these also give you the right to cancel a contract without penalty, assuming youíre unhappy with the increase. Just remember that Skyís increases will often be passed on by all operators.