BT Loses Moan vs Sky's Best Price Guarantee for Broadband and BTSport - ISPreview UK
BT has lost its complaint against an October 2015 website advert for one of Sky’s bundles, which offered a “Best Price Guarantee” on a bundle that allowed existing Sky Sports customers with Sky Broadband to get “the best monthly price for unlimited broadband and BTSport“.

BT complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and disputed the “Best Price Guarantee” claim, which they said was misleading because “customers were required to sign up for 24 months and Sky were therefore unable to take into account re-contracting offers that might be offered by competitors after an initial 12-month contract“.

However the ASA found that Sky had no case to answer because their advert had made clear that the offer was based on prices on the day they took up the offer, applied a new minimum contract term of two years and the small print also made clear that the deal “excludes … unknown re-contracting offers that may be available after minimum term.”

ASA Ruling (REF: A15-319622)

We did not consider that the fact a two-year minimum term applied and that Sky were therefore unable to take into account competitor’s future re-contracting offers rendered the offer inherently misleading, providing that was made clear to consumers. Because the ad made the conditions of the offer sufficiently clear we concluded that it was not misleading.