Sky’s work to reduce energy demand and drive efficiencies at its Data Centres (DCs) has been recognised with the inclusion of one of its key Data Centres as a Participant to the EU Code of Conduct (CoC) for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres. The code aims to develop and promote the use of energy efficient best practices and foster further collaboration between providers without impacting operating ability.

By adopting the code, Sky is now part of a global forum of operators, which are at the very forefront of Data Centre energy efficiency. The Data Centre in Edinburgh was accepted into the CoC after demonstrating adherence to a stringent set of practices on design, build and operation. Sky’s Data Centres already perform well above the industry average for energy efficiency, with a Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.33, compared to an industry average of 2. PUE is the standard industry efficiency measure, and the closer to 1 the PUE, the more efficient the DC.

The application process gave Sky an opportunity to review its current operations and make additional adjustments to further improve energy efficiency, including the creation of a cross-discipline advisory board. Paul Shires, Scotland Data Centre Operations Manager, commented: ''We are absolutely delighted to have our work recognised with the inclusion of one of our key Data Centres in the EU Code of Conduct. We continue to drive efficiencies in our Data Centres, and this site will be the first of many to go through its exacting set of standards.''

The improvements being made in Sky’s Data Centres reflect an on-going integration of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions across Sky’s operations. Sky has set itself a series of bold environmental targets and commitments to have fewer impacts, create more sustainable products, and use its position as a leading media and communications company to drive positive environmental change.
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