Last spring we unveiled our most significant shake up to the iconic Sky+ TV Guide in recent years, a change that put on demand at the heart of TV viewing. We know from viewing data - and from what customers told us - that the update was really popular. Sky+ on demand viewing has rocketed as people have taken advantage of simpler navigation which makes it quicker than ever before to get to that favourite show you're dying to watch.

In fact, in the last 12 months alone there were over 2.4 billion on demand views across Sky+ and Sky Go, as more and more people choose to watch when it suits them. But live TV remains extremely popular, particularly when it comes to exclusive shows and sports like the latest gripping season of Game of Thrones, the epic drama Fortitude, and live sporting event TV like the Premier League, The Ashes and F1.

But we haven't been sitting on our hands - that's not the only change we've made in the past year. In recent years we've upped the pace of development on Sky+ - the nation's favourite TV platform - and are now rolling out software updates every three to four months. That means three already in 2015, with more to come this year and next. All the changes we're making are designed to make it even easier to quickly find something to watch - whether that's offering personalised recommendations based on your own recordings and downloads, Smart Series Link so you never miss a returning series or offering movie trailers so you can get a quick taster before deciding which film to watch on Sky Movies.

Our most recent update back in May added a new dedicated Kids tile to the Sky+ Homepage - giving one-click access to a newly expanded library of over 4000 episodes of favourite kids shows. Since its introduction we’ve seen a 360% increase in downloads of Kids’ on demand shows – as families take advantage of the convenience of a quick and simple way to access lots of episodes all in one place. I know from personal experience that it's great to be able to quickly find an episode of Peppa Pig when you need it!

Today I'm pleased to announce the third software update to Sky+ this year - and it means some smart new features for our Sky Movies customers. We know some of our customers like to be inspired by seeing what's on the live schedule. New Watch From Start is perfect for them, as this clever feature means you no longer need to worry about missing the beginning of a movie. A single click of the green button will take you straight back to the beginning, downloading the film behind the scenes from the on demand library. Other customers - in fact around 60% - simply prefer to watch Sky Movies on demand, so another feature, Watchlist, will be ideal for them. It lets you compile your own ongoing wish list of films to watch at a later date. So you'll never be stuck for inspiration on a Friday night!

Interestingly one of these features - Watch from Start - was inspired by some very similar technology which has proved a hit with our counterparts at Sky Italia. Since we became Sky Plc earlier this year, we've been working increasingly closely with our colleagues in Germany and Italy to learn from each other’s markets, to quickly introduce even more popular functionality to Sky+.

The new features begin rolling out from today and will be live across all compatible Sky+ boxes by the end of October. Customers don't need to do anything to get the latest update - it will simply happen overnight to ensure minimum disruption.

It’s fair to say it’s been a busy year for Sky+, but we're not slowing down any time soon. It’s all part of our continued commitment to make TV watching a brilliant experience in homes up and down the country.
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