Sky has responded to the announcement by Ofcom of its intention to conduct a Strategic Review of the UK’s digital communications market.

Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive, Sky, commented:

"We welcome OFCOM's announcement of a review of the UK's telecommunications sector. The sector is vital to the UK's future but there are serious questions about whether the existing structure can deliver the infrastructure, innovation and choice that consumers and businesses need."

"Structural separation of Openreach, the UK's only nationwide broadband infrastructure, is at the heart of creating a sustainable industry; one that provides the capacity and incentive to invest whilst also harnessing the power of multiple competing retailers to drive higher take up and lower prices for customers."

"Ofcom must now take the opportunity to address Openreach’s conflict of interest as a subsidiary of BT or risk extending the problems that are affecting the industry and its customers today."

"We look forward to playing a full part in Ofcom's review."