Sky Broadband Shield Watershed feature offers even more flexibility for families

Sky Broadband Unlimited customers will now enjoy even greater flexibility over what content their families can access online with a new Watershed feature being added to Sky Broadband Shield.

Sky Broadband Shield is a dedicated online protection service which lets customers choose the websites they want and blocks the ones they don't, across all devices connected to the internet.

At no extra cost, it prevents access to phishing and malware infected websites. To make it even easier, customers are provided with the option of filtering websites by age.

The new Watershed feature will now allow customers to apply settings that suit family life. For example, the age certificate 13 can be applied during the day and be set to automatically switch to age certificate 18 at 9pm.

Watershed further reinforces Sky’s commitment to be the safest place for families by providing customers with effective and easy-to-use tools and empowering them to choose what is best for their families.

Sky Broadband Shield and the new flexibility it offers customers is just one of the ways Sky is addressing child safety online and on screen.

Earlier this year, Sky joined forces with the other major broadband providers in the UK to launch, an online portal dedicated to providing information, advice and support for every parent in Britain when it comes to internet safety for children.

As well as providing parents with the tools and information to keep their children safe online, young people themselves can get involved and explore the issues themselves at Sky Academy Skills Studio. This unique learning experience helps young people create a TV news report on subjects they’re studying at school and cyberbullying is our most popular topic.

To help even more young people learn about staying safe online, we’re working with Childnet to deliver workshops in schools about online safety, reaching hundreds more young people and their teachers.

Providing the right tools, information and flexibility to help families stay safe online is all part of Sky’s commitment to making its products safe and easy to use.