Sky has today posted their first quarterly results:

Results for the three months ended 30 September 2013

Some points of interest:

Three months to 30 Sept 2013/14 2012/13 Variance
Revenue 1,843m 1,715m +7%
EBITDA 392m 392m +0%
Operating profit 285m 310m -8%
Earnings per share (basic) 13.0p 13.4p -3%
Strong growth across all products
  • 800,000 new paid-for subscription products, growth up 50% year on year

Sky Broadband surpasses 5 million customers
  • 111,000 net new broadband customers added in the quarter, up 9% year on year
  • Triple play penetration of 36%, up 3 percentage points

Rapid growth in connected TV services
  • Record growth in connected Sky+HD boxes, up 642,000 to 3.4 million
  • Fourfold increase in On Demand usage
  • 219,000 net additions to Sky Go Extra

Financial performance on track
  • Revenue up 7% to 1,843 million
  • Adjusted operating profit down 8% to 285 million
  • Adjusted basic earnings per share down 3% to 13.0p
Across the board figures are up for TV, Telephone and broadband customers. Whilst much of this will have been helped with the purchase earlier in the year of O2/Be broadband customers, with over 5 million Sky Broadband customers now, Sky are getting bigger all the time as an ISP.

More Sky customers now have their Sky+ HD STBs connected to the Internet than ever before. This time last year IIRC was the first time Sky posted this figure. It was then 1,255,000 and is now up at 3,291,000. With all the extra On Demand and CUTV content being made available and more providers having Unlimited packages, I guess that this figure will continue to rise as Sky continue to improve things.

Something that perhaps a lot of members will see is reports of issues on the forums. What we do not see so much of is the success rates:
Efficiency and Service
We continue to make good progress in our work to improve our operating efficiency and service delivery. Our most reliable Sky+HD set-top box is now in nearly 8 million homes, up almost 20% year on year. This increased penetration helped reduce the number of service visits by 9%.
This will have been helped by the recent phasing out of the Thomson STBs too.

This report includes the earnings from the O2/Be customers.

Please click the link above to access the full report.