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    Problem sites etc

    This is a discussion on Problem sites etc within the Sky news and announcements forums, part of the SkyUser Announcements category; My access problems are inconsistent and intermittent. Usually the problem shows as "Cannot Access Site" or a timeout after about ...

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      My access problems are inconsistent and intermittent. Usually the problem shows as "Cannot Access Site" or a timeout after about 20 seconds. Sometimes have the issue with even the most tame sites (Google, Yahoo etc). What I find most frustrating is trying to access email (via Mozilla Thunderbird). I have 3 accounts - on sky, yahoo and freeserve and usually one or more of these times out when accessing pop.***.*** to get new mail.

      I find, however, that when things are working everything works, but when one fails, nearly all do. I am beginning to suspect, therefore, that the problem lies either with my line conection (I do have high attenuation (59db) and low Noise Margins (around 6db)) or maybe my Firewall (Zone Alarm Internet Suite) - rather than the Sky systems.

      I do also have problems with the Sky user site as described by Bravedan (I was also born 1/1/1900!!)

      To answer your questions:
      1 & 2 - nearly always shows as a "Cannot Access" or Timeout after several seconds - or the following error message:
      Alert - Failed to Connect to

      3 - excuse my ignorance, but I don't know what DNS is

      site access - all 3 sometimes work and sometimes don't returns the same IP address as the router.

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      What Have I Done !!!!!!!

      I took the plunge and chopped from BT to sky connect , I had good internet speeds of 8mb from Bt and no problems at all, this was purely a money saving decision.

      Ordered sky broadband in September, and had to re-order 3 times due to incorrect mac codes from BT.
      This was at a cost of 40 each time, which was eventually re-imbersed.
      Finally got activated on the 18th October, and guess what no router, this eventually arrived 3 days later.

      It is now the 6 November and still have not got proper internet access.
      Have contacted sky dozens of times on the 0870 number to be answered by someone I cant understand and goes through the same old routine of reading a script have you done this and that (done this so many times i can do it in my sleep).

      Eventually got level 2 support who went through checking all connections in the house and trying the test socket in the main connector box.

      But still I cannot get into any sites that move on to secure sites
      Constantly getting Page Cannot be displayed
      Cannot have anything more that internet explorer open
      Cannot sign into Msn without constantly clicking connect until it eventually does
      Cannot sign into Yahoo messenger again constantly clicking eventually lets me in.
      Cannot use any download program while surfing the internet, as this cut my web browsing facility, get cannot display page again.

      Basically if i let it sit on my home page all the time it is ok, if i go off my homepage, guess what !!!!

      My call is now at level 3 and have been assured they will sort the problem out and are contacting me this week some time.

      All i want is internet access to freely go to any website i want , Not much to ask is it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Same problems for me also but ive been told that my account isnt even active on there system so i have got to wait again for my order to be ceased and then a new order placed.

      Annoying thing is ive been trying to get sky broadband since the 18th september its now the 6th november and im still having problems, no doubt once i eventually get it working it will be worth it but at the moment im not inclined to agree.

      I just hope the useless morons get it sorted out asap and get me up and running properly and officialy on there system.

      I can actually use the service even though im told i dont have it, secure sites sometimes dont work however today they have and ive been able to do alot of things i havent been able to do for ages, i actually resulted to using a dial up connection which has cost me over 5 just so i can get basic things done.

      I wonder if they will re-imberse me? answer no i dont think so...

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      Problem sites

      I am a newbie to this forum so please excuse me if I am in the wrong place. I am a freelance techie who goes around helping folks with computer problems. I have a customer who has just signed up with Sky BB and, after some initial connection problems, we now seem to be experiencing predictably poor service. For example:

      If I ping I get a consistent zero percent loss
      If I ping I consistently get anything between zero and 100 percent loss
      If I ping my own dynamic DNS address I get consistently 100 percent loss

      In all cases, the host name is resolved into a IP address (correctly I think)

      I believe that the problem accessing the virgin pop server is causing Outlook to hang during its receiving mail phase - it's probably dropping the connection during the conversation.

      In general, I believe there is one problem that causes this behaviour and also apparently random inability to connect to various web sites.

      I'd be really interested to know how to progress this to a resolution. I find the helpdesk just as irritating as any of the other providers.



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