From elephant pedicures to penguin food fights: Safari Park Adventure 3D provides an access-all-areas ticket to the animals of Woburn Safari Park in stunning 3D – February 2012 will see the six hundred animals of Woburn Safari Park march into people’s living rooms with the premiere of Safari Park Adventure on the Sky 3D and Animal Planet channels. The ten-part series takes viewers behind the scenes to follow some of the surprising aspects of the lives of the creatures and keepers at the world famous safari park. Safari Park Adventure 3D airs at 9pm on Sky 3D starting February 4th and reveals the drama, emotion and care involved in safari park life.

Safari Park Adventure 3D presents a special opportunity for viewers to get up close with the park’s residents including Squirrel monkeys, Red necked wallabies and ‘Greater Rhea Ostrich’. Throughout the series, 3D cameras capture the daily lives of some of the world’s most endangered wildlife, whilst highlighting the lengths the keepers have to go to protect the highest standard of welfare and safety for both wild residents and humans alike.

Meet the cast of Safari Park Adventure 3D including:

  • Otzee the Chief Rhino, who turns defensive when a new and very noisy playmate arrives at the park
  • Bull-elephant Raja who enjoys a regular pedicure whilst the Asian elephants exercise down by the lake
  • A hungry lion pride who reap the gory benefit when disaster strikes in the deer park
  • The monkeys and penguin gang who cause mischief amongst themselves when battling about food and hierarchy.

John Cassy,Sky 3D’s channel director commented: “Woburn offers an inspiring array of some of the world’s most endangered wildlife and each animal has its own distinct personality. 3D filming techniques enables their stories to be brought to life in a way that was never before possible.”

Duke of Bedford, owner of Woburn Safari Park added: “We are proud to have the opportunity to showcase the precious collection of wild animals, including many critically endangered and threatened species cared for at Woburn Safari Park. It’s a fantastic chance for everyone to go behind the scenes and see the hard work and dedication of our team of keepers, including the special care taken to provide a fun and educational day out.”

Safari Park Adventure 3D will be simulcast on the Sky 3D channel and in 2D on Animal Planet from 4th February for a ten part series. For more information visit Sky 3D - get Sky 3D TV - no additional cost for Sky World HD customers.


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