Get ready to step into a world that time forgot, this December with the premiere of Forgotten Planet on Sky 3D. During this six-part series, viewers will get a unique perspective of entire discarded cities, long-abandoned buildings, and deserted ghost-like compounds left behind by humans. Forgotten Planet, in association with the Discovery Channel, airs at 9pm on Sky 3D starting December 3.

Forgotten Planet in 3D captures the world’s abandoned cities and towns in three dimensions for the very first time, taking viewers on an immersive in journey through the stories behind the places struck down by both human and natural disaster. From the eerie emptiness of the city of Chernobyl to the inhospitable plains of Africa’s Namibian desert - places once filled with human life are now left desolate. Forgotten Planet reveals what happens when humans move out and nature moves in.

John Cassy, Sky 3D’s channel director commented: “Forgotten Planet in 3D provides a never-before-seen glimpse into parts of the world which have become victims of natural and human disaster, and it makes for fascinating viewing. In the course of six episodes, Discovery has brought together more than thirty experts to explain the reasons why places come are abandoned, and explore up close how nature adapts and evolves in our wake.”

The series kicks off with the story of two cities abandoned by industrial disasters. Viewers are transported to Pripyat in Ukraine, which suffered the world's worst nuclear disaster when the Chernobyl power plant exploded in 1986, and Picher in Oklahoma, a global centre for lead and zinc mining that is now one the most toxic towns in America. As the series continues, viewers will also witness what happens when humans settle in inhospitable places such as the Namibian desert to exploit nature’s wealth of diamonds and gold.

Bob Nairn, an Associate Professor from the University of Oklahoma who features in Episode One, believes there are important lessons to be learnt from the Forgotten Planet series: “The disaster from Picher, Oklahoma, shouldn’t be relegated to a footnote in history. The groundwater contamination from mining metals has had devastating health consequences here amongst local people. It’s important the world takes note to avert this ever happening again.”

The series also explores Gary Indiana, a town turned into a wasteland following economic hard times and West Virginia’s Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum which stands empty but holds dark and mysterious secrets. From forces of nature to industrial disasters, Forgotten Planet investigates the factors that cause humans to leave their homes and reveals the devastation that is left behind.

Forgotten Planet in 3D will be shown on the Sky 3D channel on Saturday 3rd December at 9pm. For more information visit Sky 3D - get Sky 3D TV - no additional cost for Sky World HD customers