Sky News is working with real-time survey company Fizzback to provide real-time feedback, analysis and insight, captured from TV viewers during tonight’s historic Leaders’ Debate.

An electorally representative panel of over 10,000 viewers has been recruited to be surveyed in real time via SMS text as they watch the three party leaders live on television.

  • At 10.15pm on Thursday 15th April, Sky News will provide the final result of who viewers think has won the debate. It will come as 3 percentage figures, one for each leader.
  • During the debate, Sky News and will also have updates at approximately 9.15pm showing the results of who viewers think is winning after 30 minutes of debate, and approximately at 9.45pm showing results of who viewers think is winning after 60 minutes of debate.
  • The survey will also test respondents’ likelihood to vote on May 6th, before during and after the debate.
  • Visit for live ongoing results
  • The Sky News survey will also have a detailed break down of feedback from viewers in terms of their reaction to the leaders’ performance, personalities and policies displayed during the debates.
  • A Sky News graphic template is available to illustrate the final results of the Sky News/Fizzback instant text poll.