Sky News are reporting over the next few months, they will be upgrading their studios, production facilities and news gathering operations in the UK and abroad, in preparation to launch Sky News HD sometime in 2010.

It looks like Sky News HD will be an additional channel, being broadcast alongside the existing Sky News channel 501.

Head of News, John Ryley, outlined the opportunities of HD broadcasting:

"As well as enhanced studio presentation and compelling on-air graphics, news is also about the drama of human emotion. From keynote speeches and police news conferences to picket lines and joyful crowds at ceremonial events, HD is an opportunity to bring our viewers much closer to events. In the United States, the big networks are already offering HD news of sorts. The sets, the graphics and the presenters look fantastic. In most cases, all that’s missing are HD pictures from outside the studios. Here, we plan to take an extra step, and bring you HD pictures from our news teams in the UK, and where possible from abroad.

Our move to HD follows the channel's first ever HD broadcast and online streaming of Barack Obama's Inauguration in January. It was a perfect event to showcase HD. Of course coverage isn't always on this grand scale, and we won't always be able to bring you this type of comprehensive HD experience. But it was a glimpse of the future, and what's possible."