Strong operational and financial performance

Operational performance for the quarter: On track, churn reduces to 9.8%

Net customer growth in the quarter of 92,000 to 8.980 million
- New customer additions of 310,000
- Reduction in churn to 9.8%
- ARPU increases to 427

Total gross product sales of over 1.2 million in the fourth quarter included:
- Sky+ net growth of 321,000 to 3.714 million
- Multiroom net growth of 33,000 to 1.604 million
- Sky+ HD net growth of 33,000 to 498,000
- Broadband net growth of 200,000 to 1.628 million
- Sky Talk net growth of 146,000 to 1.241 million

Financial performance for the year: Strong top-line growth, well positioned for 2009

11% growth in retail subscription revenue to 3,769 million

Group revenue of 4,952 million up 9% on the prior year 1

Adjusted operating profit of 752 million 2

Operating profit of 724 million included 162 million of investment in broadband and telephony, 22 million of investment in Easynet and exceptional charges of 28 million

Adjusted EBITDA of 998 million 3

Adjusted earnings per share of 25.1 pence 4; reported loss per share of 7.3 pence (2007: 28.4 pence)

8% increase in full-year dividend to 16.75 pence per share

1 Year ended 30 June 2007
2 Adjusted operating profit for the year, excludes exceptional operating charges of 21 million relating to EDS legal costs and 7 million relating to a restructuring cost
3 Adjusted EBITDA is operating profit stated before exceptional operating charges of 28 million and depreciation of 246 million
4 Adjusted EPS stated before exceptional operating charges of 28 million, an impairment of 616 million relating to the Group's investment in ITV, a 67 million gain relating to an exchange transaction for National Geographic, 3 million gain relating to mark-to-market in derivative financial instruments that do not qualify for hedge accounting and related tax adjustments of 8 million