Customer growth up 10%; revenue growth up 10%; on track for full year

Operational Performance: Customer growth in line with targets

* Net customer growth in the quarter of 56,000 to 8.888 million

- New customer additions of 289,000

- Lowest third quarter churn for four years at 10.5%

- ARPU increases to GBP424

* Total gross product sales of 1.2 million in the third quarter included:

- Growth in Sky+ households of 262,000 to 3.393 million

- Multiroom growth of 40,000 to 1.571 million

- HD growth of 43,000 to 465,000

- Broadband growth of 229,000 to 1.428 million

- Sky Talk growth of 180,000 to 1.095 million

Financial Performance: Strong top-line growth

* Revenue increased by 10% on the comparable period(1) to GBP3,706 million

* Gross margin increased by one percentage point on the comparable period to
65%(2) (excluding exceptional item)

* Operating profit of GBP504 million included GBP127 million of investment in
residential broadband and telephony, GBP20 million of investment in Easynet
Enterprise and an exceptional charge of GBP17 million

* Adjusted operating profit of GBP521 million(3) reflected strong product

* Adjusted earnings per share of 17.0 pence (2007: 19.5 pence); basic loss
per share of 6.8 pence includes net exceptional items of GBP415 million(4)

(1) Nine months ended 31 March 2007
(2) Gross margin in the comparable period excludes a one-off receipt of GBP65
million from a third party channel provider, accounted for within
programming costs
(3) Adjusted operating profit for the nine months to 31 March 2008, excludes an
exceptional item of GBP17 million relating to EDS legal costs
(4) Net exceptional items include GBP17 million relating to EDS legal costs, an
impairment of GBP474 million relating to the Group's investment in ITV, a
GBP67 million gain relating to an exchange transaction for National
Geographic, GBP5 million gain relating to mark-to-market in derivative
financial instruments that do not qualify for hedge accounting and related
tax adjustments of GBP4 million

Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive said:

"We are reporting a strong set of results today. We are delivering for customers
through a combination of great quality, value and service. As a result, more
customers are choosing Sky, they are more satisfied and they are taking more
products than ever before. In the third quarter, despite a difficult consumer
environment, customer growth increased by 10% on last year and third-quarter
churn was at a four-year low.

"The success of our strategy is reflected in our financial performance. Revenue
growth of 10%, increased quarterly profitability and reducing broadband losses
put us on track to achieve our targets."

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