Credit and Installation Costs

  • No online credit in January
  • Standard Installation is 30
  • Half price standard Installation if a Premium Mix (Sports or Movies) is taken. 15 will be credited to the customers account once activated,

Product Pricing

  • Sky+ is 99 (no matter what package is taken out)
  • Sky HD box is now 249 (was 299)
  • Sky HD for 199 when taken with broadband, talk AND Multiroom
  • Existing Customers standard set up is 60 for taking any Sky box and combination of Sky products, or 0-60 for existing customers talking Sky Broadband alone (Base - 60 Mid or Connect - 30 Max - 0).
  • No charge for set up of Sky Talk.
  • Where Broadband is bought in the same transaction as TV equipment, the Broadband Activation fee is waived. Installation fee still applies