Remote record is Sky’s nifty feature that allows you to set Sky+ recordings from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone or your PC, so there’s no reason for you to ever have to miss your favourite programme again. You may have seen it recently advertised by Sky on TV.

We’ve loved reading the great feedback you’ve given us on the forums for this service. However some of you still have questions about this feature that we hope to clear up in this post.

How do I get started?
If you have a Sky+ or Sky HD box you’ll find everything you need to get yourself registered for this service as well as answers to some FAQ at the following link.

How much does it cost to use this service?
There is no charge for this service, the only cost to you is your normal data costs from your operator and if you use the SMS service then 25p when we confirm a recording request.

Why does Sky want my mobile number if I only plan to use the PC remote record function?
Remote record is a cross platform service that offers you alternative ways of setting your Sky+ box to record. Because we recognise that there will be times when you can’t be in front of your PC, supplying your mobile number at the time of registration ensures that you are set up to use the remote record by mobile service whenever the need arises.

Will I be able to record remotely using my mobile phone?
As long as your phone can send text messages, you can use remote record by sending recording requests via SMS. However, to view your EPG on your phone and select programmes that way requires the Sky Anytime on Mobile application which you can sign up to at Sky Anytime - Your Sky, On Demand

Why has Sky not updated the list of mobile handsets that are compatible with Sky Anytime
We’ve taken your comments on board and have been working on a series of improvements which mean that more phones than ever can access Sky Anytime through a new version of the software which we have recently released. So if you were unable to download Sky Anytime on Mobile on your mobile previously, please do try again. You can find a complete list of compatible handsets here.

I am on the O2 network and have been unable to use the remote record by mobile function, why is this?
The remote record function is available across all mobile networks including O2. However due to current technical limitations unfortunately the service is unavailable to those of you on the 02 pay as you go network. We are currently working with O2 to add this functionality to their pay as you go customers and we will keep you updated on developments.

I have two set top boxes. Can I still use remote record?
Remote record works by linking one box to one or more phone numbers. If you want to set recordings on the different boxes you will need separate registrations and mobile numbers.

If I have problems setting up the connection should I contact Sky or my mobile operator?

We’re continually making improvements to help you get the right connections in order to access our mobile services. We recommend that you always check with your operator first to ensure that you have data access enabled on your account. If you find that you still experience problems after this then you might not have the correct mobile internet settings. If so, call Sky on 0870 609 2839.

We are working on adding functionality so that you can get the correct setting directly from our website, we will keep you updated once this is up and running.

We hope we’ve answered your questions and that even more of you can now enjoy the remote record function.


The Sky+ Team