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    Unable to visit certain sites?

    This is a discussion on Unable to visit certain sites? within the Sky news and announcements forums, part of the SkyUser Announcements category; If you are now connected to Sky broadband, and are having trouble visiting certain websites, an explanation has been provided ...

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      Unable to visit certain sites?

      If you are now connected to Sky broadband, and are having trouble visiting certain websites, an explanation has been provided for us.

      Some reported problem sites are or from this thread here An explanation is here:

      This is the same issue as CNN - Morethan's hosting provider's upstream ISP hasn't updated their filters to allow the Sky IP range in.

      As Sky's range is rather large (1.05 million IPs - 90.192/12 for net anoraks), RIPE allocated us this range from a greenfield IP range which until now has never had anyone on it.

      Consequently, IP carriers round the Internet filter out these ranges (bogon filters).. mainly to stop things like spam/DDoSes spoofed from these illegal IPs.

      Now that this range is no longer "illegal", these ISPs need to update their bogon filters.

      Most are pretty good at updating them, however theres always a few that fall through the cracks, hence situations like this.
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      My unavailable sites...

      ...are too numerous to list. IMDB, ebay, MSN, etc. etc. Every 4th or 5th site from a Google search on just about any subject.

      I wish I had found this site before wasting 45 minutes of my life repeating myself several times to incompetent "technical" support personnel based somewhere in India, and being told to delete temporary internet files, cookies, and history - like that's going to make any difference whatsoever. Then being told to disable my Norton anti-virus software!

      If the only thing that has changed with my home network is changing from BT Broadband to SKY and all 3 computers have the same issue, surely it doesn't take a genius to figure out that the problem has to be something to do with SKY?

      The next level of support told me to switch my router off and try it again in 30 minutes because it will allocate a new IP address - which confirms what this thread is saying.

      This thread shows that the problem has been going on for a while now, so the question is does anyone know if SKY will ever sort it out, is it destined to be about as useful as their inaccessible webmail (which I have never been able to use).

      Sorry for the ranting. I guess I should really be writing this to SKY. Infact, if nothing has changed by the end of the week, I will.

      By the way, the speed seems ok (7.5mb - although I was hoping to get closer to the 16mb, still faster than I had with BT though).

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      Skadushki, i don't have those problems, I have visited MSN and ebay with no problems (have you tried the router fix advice given in this site?)and if no one else can give you advice here (and these guys know their stuff) then you do need to contact Sky.



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