It had to come eventually, but the beta group for the Amstrad DRX890 and DRX895 Sky+ HD STBs is now coming to a close.

I think a big thank you should be made to all those who took part in this group is in order, as well as those of you who were patient and impatient to get hold of the new STB and all the new features, so...


I believe that the other EPG group is still going for now.

Sky took a big risk is setting up these groups and hopefully they will continue to use this process in the future.

Members of this forum and many others have been instrumental in ensuring that we as their customers get a good and improved product. whilst there are a few 'niggly' issues to be fixed, Sky should be continuing with these over the next several months.

There are more developments still to come and we hope to bring our membership news of these when we can. There were many suggestions made within the beta groups and I for one would love to see them implemented in due course. However the reality is that it has taken a year since the first whispers of the feature that we are now enjoying (sorry - most of use as there are a few issues to be resolved) with the Sky+ HD STB were first circulated in the forums.

In the mean time, should anyone have any issues with their Sky products, there are members of this forum who have additional links with Sky, above what they had this time last year, and can get that little extra help when required. We have quite a few members who work for Sky in various departments and contribute a huge amount in an unofficial capacity to this forum.

I would also encourage anyone who hasn't got a Sky+ HD STB to get one and for everyone to look at connecting their Sky+ HD and SkyHD STB to the Internet. You are missing out on a lot of free benefits from subscribing to Sky if you haven't already done this, although the SkyHD STB has yet to receive the update (planned for release next year).

If you don't quite understand what you need to do to link your box up, there are lots of friendly members who are willing to help and advise on this matter on this forum. It really isn't too complicated and in many cases it can be very simple to achieve.

The Sky+ HD STB will work on an old SD TV. You don't have to pay the HD subscription. If you can't get one for a good price off the Sky website (there are offers available from time to time, depending on what you have already), then do check out the many 2nd hand places. eBay is a popular site, but you can pick up many in your local 2nd hand shops for under 30. Just avoid the Thomson model though. Sadly this one won't receive any further updates from Sky.

The better ones to aim for are the Amstrad DRX890 and DRX895 models. These are the newer models and have the larger drives.