18th January 2006 decided to make a connection to sky from Zen Internet (Migration), sky was installed by sataday the 20th in 15 minuits. on Monday (22nd) I rang up sky to get connected. By the 25th Jan the router pack came (This is where I took the username and flashed the router to default netgear firmware, ready for sky to be switched over) Tonight come into the house after work and my router was disconnected from Zen Internet, put in the new sky ADSL username and password into my own netgear pre n and walla, connection was perfect. (Didn't even use the one supplied by sky) Can't say how much praise I can give sky for the connection and customer support.

And I'm glad to be here on the forum after searching google for sky forums on the 18th. Here I am

Great one sky!! Keep it up!!