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    My Sky story has a happy ending... so far!

    This is a discussion on My Sky story has a happy ending... so far! within the Sky happiness forums, part of the Sky Broadband feedback category; I'm the last person to be praising Sky, as I tend to think of it's owner as the spawn of ...

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      My Sky story has a happy ending... so far!

      I'm the last person to be praising Sky, as I tend to think of it's owner as the spawn of the Devil and to say anything good about Rupe and his business sticks in my craw. However, I have to say that I'm actually quite impressed with Sky Broadband (finally)

      We've been on NTL for years after Mrs Taw made me give up my beloved Nildram as ISP 'cos she wanted cable telly for her cr*p. I wasn't too happy about it but the price was good and the contention ratio only 20:1 and at the time it was 768Mbps as distinct from 512Mbps for res. adsl. Over the years though DSL improved and cable got worse and for the last year NTL have been so bad, dropping out every few minutes, that the only reason I've kept it is cos they were giving it me for free. But what good is free when it's unusable?

      We moved to Sky for satellite tv about 2 years ago but I kept the NTL broadband on cos it was uncapped and I d/l shedloads. Personally I loathe populist pay-per-view but the wife loves her BB and other such dross, I keep a 2m dish in the garden on a motorised PACE for real satellite telly (such as the truth from the Middle East and not the propagandist drivel spouted by Western news media, but that's another story.)

      So anyway, Mrs Taw gets the Sky flyer through the post and ask "is it any good?" I had serious doubts but couldn't complain about the price, so she went and registered for it anyway. I didn't expect very much and working as an IT technician in a call-centre myself, knew that the customer service would be dire even if the product was any good which it prob wouldn't be (My works sell broadband for Talk-Talk and Pipex so I know the score.)

      I was pleasantly surprised when the Sky b/band kit arrived with a Netgear DG834GT inside (you could've sent us a Rangemax MIMO, Rupe, with your profits, but I'm not complaining!) and not a ridiculous cheap box of pretty lights that glowed but didn't work. I got it all set up and config'd in about 15mins, only to find that it kept dropping out after about 20mins of not being actively used. Hmmm what can be causing this I wonder? numerous reboots etc later and I'm thinking there's something else going on here, while the wife is doing her irate customer bit with Sky technical and customer services. Good luck me duck, I says, you'll be needing it!

      Sky tech help? forget it. I had to explain to the technically-deficient monkey on the end of the phone what ftp was and why a dsl modem isn't really a modem. Where do they get these people from?

      After a couple of days I'd sussed it was uPnP and Ping-on-WAN, turned both of these off and haven't had a sniff of a disconnect since, although I was considering flashing the router back to Netgear firmware, it doesn't seem necessary now. Finding these forums has confirmed what I thought was the problem. Speed's fine, constant, and for what we're paying it's a perfectly acceptable dsl service, although I still can't bring myself to use a e-mail addy; my fellow fedayeen would never let me live it down!

      My only problem now is that my BT line turns out to be DACS'd and Sky's provisioning dept won't speak to BT Wholesale to get it unDACS'd, so we can't put all the phones back on yet (lack of available REN)
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