Hi all,

I've installled Anytime on one of my wireless home network pcs. I've registered, I've both automatically and double checked manually that all the programs are allowed to pass the firewall (even the p2p). Unfortunately I'm still getting an Error 1 error message. I'm told by Sky that this is a firewall issue and that i should ensure my pc and the router firewall are configured to allow the programs. I've been to the gateway pc and configured that firewall, but to no avail, I've even tried installing anytime on the gateway pc and running it there but I'm getting the same message. I think this is a similar query to a couple of other posters which leads me to wonder if there;s something of a gap in the software installation. There's definitely a gap in my knowledge and I wondered if anyone could help me? I have a dreadful sky signal and was hoping to actually watch some of the films I pay for instead of staring at a 'no satellite signal is being received' screen.