New Sky Go Website Trial - Sky Community

We’re pleased to announce a new trial version of the Sky Go Website it's been totally refreshed and redesigned with a new look and feel.

We’ve added some key new designs and shifted some key areas to sit on the homepage in a better way. We’ve also introduced the Kids and Sports tile into the top menu and added some improved navigation features.

The aim of the trial is for you to use the new trial Sky Go website as you would normally and to find any bugs. We’d like you to sign in, take a look around, watch some live and catch-up content, and tell us what you think.

Things to call out before we get started...

i. Beware! The Sky Go website does not support some browsers, including Google Chrome.

To help you, the browsers it does support can be found here.

ii. If you use the Sky Go Download Player, you will need to have Sky Go Extra, although this is not a specification to trial although this is not part of the trial.

This sounds great, how do I sign up?

We’d like you to register your interest. If you have an Desktop/Laptop device and would like to take part, please complete our registration form and apply to trial the new designed website version of Sky Go.

You can register your interest here.

Important information:

  • The recruitment phase will last 2-3 weeks and the trial will go live shortly after. We have the right to extend or close the recruitment phase early dependent on demand.

  • We will be managing these trials in the online community. If you find any faults feel free to discuss this in the community group however please log any issues with us via our fault report which we will provide to you. This way we can capture all the relevant details.
  • We envisage the trial to last around 3 weeks. Please note that due to circumstances out of our control, some trials may run on for longer than anticipated or become delayed during the trial phase. That’s a benefit of beta trials – you’ll be at the mercy of our development teams!

  • As you get to use our products and services first, some beta trials are stamped as “Top Secret” and we expect our trusted trialists to treat the products and it’s features, and faults as classified information.

Comment: I saw a little of the new design last week and will say that it looks very nice. The layout is quite different to the current version in many areas.