I installed sky player ages ago on my laptop and have very rarely used it.

I discovered that 24 day 8 has commenced a few weeks ago and was pleased to see that episodes 1 2 and 3 were available on sky player.

The player says it need an update but the microsoft window that I am directed to can't install whatever it is supposed to install. It says to check whether I am on the network or something.

Found a page that suggested rolling back to Windows Media Player 10, that didn't work either

I have an xbox 360 now but the episodes are not available to me on through the 360 as it is not my main computer for the service.

My main computer for the service is this one yet when I go to the accounts and settings tab on the sky player web site I am told that this is an unregistered computer. The only thing I have changed is connecting to the net via a router instead of my old broadband modem

It would obviously be preferable to watch sky player on my TV. If I remove my main computer will my xbox become the main computer as it will be the sole registered computer? I was too chicken to remove the "main computer" as you can only do stuff once a month and by then the missed episodes will have dropped off the available to watch list by then

Sorry this is a long post, anyone in the know who gets this far and replies with a helpful suggestion will get their rewards in whatever heaven they believe in