Hi everyone!

I recently subscribed to sky player. We used to have sky tv but my parents decided they didnt watch it enough so cancelled- since i got a job i decided to subscribe to sky player, mainly to watch the football

I also stuck on the movies pack as i liked the on demand bit but today, when i clicked on sky screen 1, it came up telling me that the movie that was on at the time (called st trinians or something) was unavailable on sky player and, when out of interest i looked at it on the a-z part, it said it is only free to sky tv customers

I know when i joined up it mentions that some programs are "blanked out", and mentions WWE wresting etc, but it made no mention of any movies being unavailable.

Is this something that affects a lot of the movies that are shown on sky screen 1? If it is i'll just cancel my movie pack subscription as i expected for the extra money to have access to the "free" on demand movies that sky player customers can get and also to get all of the live tv streams from sky screen 1 and 2