Hi everyone

I'd like to introduce you to Download Monkey - a new site we're about to launch dedicated to on-demand TV and (legal) downloading of movies, shows and music.

We figured the world is awash with BitTorrent sites and places to sort it all out, but there is nowhere that really looks these new legal services where you're supposed to be paying for quality and convenience but often get frustration and disappointment.

A lot of us already have services that we don't use or have given up with (Anytime??) or ones that we just can't wait for (iTunes movies in the UK - alleged this year...). And a lot of the marketing hype is just baboon's ****...

A few of the top bananas behind SkyUser are involved in DLM and we've opened the doors to the forum early so that SkyUsers can get a sneak peek. The full site will be up soon.

Download Monkey - Forum

We'd love you to come and play in our treehouse and chew the fat about TV and the on demand services.

See you all there...
Fredwestie - AKA ChunkyMonkey