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    Anytime playback problems

    This is a discussion on Anytime playback problems within the Sky Go forums, part of the Other Sky help and support category; Everytime I watch a anytime movie, after about an hour in the sound will break up (no sound off and ...

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      Anytime playback problems

      Everytime I watch a anytime movie, after about an hour in the sound will break up (no sound off and on) and there is a bit of interferrence on the screen which usually lasts off and on for up tp 10 mins.

      Does anyone know what this might be?

      If I call Sky for a replacement HD box, will they just send a new one out? How does it work?

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      Re: Anytime playback problems

      I was going to start a new post but I shall put my experiences as a reply here as a warning to all.

      We are on a replacement HD box as the original one we got had a busted hard drive, over 50% of it was rendered useless for recoding on in 8 weeks.

      This was replaced in August, since then this "new" box has suffered random shutdowns, even when recording (and auto standby is turned off), and even when I am sat in front of it watching the TV.

      I have suffered duff recordings a plenty on the regular planner, so much so I am now having to record any repeat showings just to try and minimise the chance of missing the programme,(although we have had the original and repeats all fail) and since this week the anytime recordings have also started doing this.

      Duff recordings can be in the form like yours where the programme will start and then will freeze or say that the recording got interrupted, they can just refuse to play full stop or they can come up with a "failed" recording with some technical error number (I see 8,9 & 10 on my box). We must have had over 100 since I got the box.

      I have been patient and had been just removing these recordings and taking a note of how many I was doing. After 3 months of very regular failings like those described above I started to keep the things on the box just to tie up the duff parts of the drive to make sure that I am not just reusing the bad part of the disc over and over again.

      When it got to over 20% of the hard drive that had been tagged (and just over a page of kept failed recordings) and tonights HD recordings of the movie premieres wouldn't play from anytime, I decided that I had been patient enough and would see if an engineer visit could be arranged.

      This started the saga of trying to get an engineer, the 1st customer service rep got me to do a system cleanup to see if the duff programmes would play, no joy. We were told by this agent that we could just put own replacement hard drive in and it wouldn't void the warrenty, we told her that it would and she was adamant that we could do it. She then told us to watch what we wanted to and then do a full system reset which would apparently would do a full low level reformat of the disc and map all the bad sectors out and to phone the technical department to do a system healthcheck after doing this, then she gave us the number.

      After doing this and phoning the number, which was a wrong number well done that agent, we phoned the SkyHD number again and we got the system healthcheck done, during the healthcheck the box did one of it's random shutdowns and we were told the problem was that the OS was out of date and we needed to install that (by turning the box off and turning it on and holding the backup button down on the HD box). We were also told that Sky only replaces HD boxes if they fail the firmware update or the box fails completely not if the hard drive fails, she then put the phone down.

      After the update (which was unessary due to the box being up to date) we tried to record something, after recording 10 mins of news which then refused to play back we phoned yet again, my wife laid it out simply the box hard drive is faulty, it is resetting randomly, we would like an engineer out as the thing is obviously faulty. We finally got an engineer booked for Monday morning after over 60 mins on the 10p a min phone line and 4 phone calls.

      I have no idea if we will get a new box due to all our duff recordings being removed by what we were instruced to by the agents and we have spent a bomb on 0870 numbers just to try and get an engineer to come out.

      So in summary keep at them as they will try and fob you off time and again and it may take most of the afternoon to get through to somebody who is prepared to send an engineer out.



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