I've just got the new Sky Anytime after it finally came Vista-supported and I'm gonna write my views, in short I think it's great ...

Firstly installing was a breeze, I simply had to download by logging into MySky and going to the Sky Anytime on PC box which gave a download link or a registration link if you're not already signed up for that.

The install went rather quick and no big issues seen, didn't have to restart either ...

Once I had opened the program the experience of the new interface began ... its essentially a website (literally, all the content is pulled from the web!) with a very nice Flash interface, but without the slowness that the other seemed to have - not that this is neccessarily faster in all areas, it just handles it much better with loading messages reminiscent of an AJAX page or a desktop application.

One of the major improvements is that Flash isn't used where its not needed, the content listing pages don't employ it, using a very nicely designed webpage which gives the best experience - you'd be forgiven for thinking this was all done on your computer and not with a website, most websites aren't that nice to use.

Navigation is greatly improved by the fact that clicking on content doesn't take you away from your existing page, it "flashes in" giving you a description of the content with actor info and such and the download/bookmark button, but you can easily close it and "flash back" to the listing pages.

The A-Z is very useful giving the opportunity to order items based on name, stars, genre, IPC rating, or type ... sadly it only seems to go one way ASCENDING ... I can't make it descending, so if you want to order by stars then be prepared to have to scroll past all the flops first. There is also a handy filter function, so you can weed out anything you have to pay for if you are feeling stingy.

The search is useful but its not perfect ... when searching for certain actors I've have results which they didn't even star in.

One flaw I found is that when I click download or bookmark the program does lag and sometimes appear to stop responding.

Downloading seems good, for a while there it pretty much maxed out my connection although it seems some movies are good and some are bad, its speeds are comparable with 4oD for me but not at BBC iPlayer levels (which has frequently gone about 1 megabit for me), previously I believe Sky Anytime on PC had a "feature" where by it would only download when you weren't actually using your connection, which isn't great if your connection can handle both ... also means having to leave a PC on while you're out which can't be good for the enviroment etc.

One feature I think would be welcomed is the ability to prioritize downloads or to order them in the way you'd want them to download, you can pause when they actually start downloading but its quite difficult to say I want this one as soon as possible.

I haven't used any of the pay features yet so I really can't comment on them, playback is as one would expect, not much to say there either.

I guess I'm done then ... in short the new Anytime is very good, a welcome addition to Vista PCs and worth the wait!