Could somebody *PLEASE* help me uninstall Sky Anytime?

I'm running Windows XP SP2

I have tried to uninstall it using Add/Remove programs but got this error
message -

Error 1606 .Could not access network location\sky_prod.

If I go to Administrative Tools/ Event Viewer for the error and use the link
to the MS Help & Support Centre I get the following message -



We're sorry

There is no additional information about this issue in the Error and
Event Log Messages or Knowledge Base databases at this time. You can use the
links in the Support area to determine whether any additional information
might be available elsewhere.

If I follow the link through to the MS support page, all I get is
advertisements urging me to upgrade to Vista - no thanks!

Apparently when you download Sky Anytime you also get a Peer to Peer
sharing program called Kontiki (alias Khost/Kservices) which sets your PC up
to share any films you have downloaded from Sky Broadband with other users.
They do not tell you about this when you download Sky Anytime or about how
it can really slow up your PC and steal your bandwidth!

According to Sky's Website you have to uninstall Sky Anytime *before*
you uninstall the Kontiki software. Also, you need to download a special
program to uninstall the Kontiki program.

Well, I can live with that but how on earth do I uninstall Sky
Anytime? I phoned Sky's customer services last night and was told that the
problem was with Administrator access on my pc but I am the only user of
this PC and, as far as I am aware, I have full access rights.

I have tried to disable Kontiki by going to msconfig and unchecking
kservice under the Services tab and Khost under the Startup tab but when I
go to Task Manager I find that Kservices is *still running*