With the launch of IE10, Google is dropping full support for IE8 in its Google Mail service. This will have a direct affect on anyone who uses IE8 to log in to the Sky email service. A message advising people to upgrade is already present on the Sky website.

Changes to Sky Email via your browser-skyemail.jpg

As a result of this change you will only see a basic HTML page and some links to other pages will not work or may be missing.

The advice is to upgrade your browser to IE9 or IE10. Alternatively the use of another browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome is recommended.

We know that upgrading to IE9 or IE10 will not be a practical solution for anyone who is using Windows XP. In these circumstances an alternative browser will be the only choice.

There is an totally different option though. If you wish to use an email client, it is possible to access your Sky email without using a browser. There are several different email clients available, many members will have a particular favourite.

Sky email can be set up to work either with POP3 or IMAP access. If you plan to access the email via more than one device, then I would suggest IMAP as you would then have access to all the emails on each device.

There are other posts and guides on this forum to help you to setup your Sky email for different email clients. Please feel free to check them out for further information.