I'm new here and came across the site when trying to resolve a frustrating issue with accessing one of my secondary email accounts on my iPhone.

I have a primary and 2 secondary email accounts that work fine on sky.com and also through Microsoft Outlook (not Express) using the POP servers.

However, when trying to set up access on my iPhone, this time using the IMAP servers, only the primary and one of the secondary accounts will work. Both were set up in seconds using the iPhone's wizard and all settings came through correctly. I can send and receive emails on both. The other secondary account keeps coming back with the message "Cannot connect using SSL". I have the option to try to connect not using SSL but then get the error message "IMAP account verification failed...the server is not reponding". I get similar problems if I try to use POP instead.

I have checked the passwords and settings countless times but still get the same problem. I can also confirm that IMAP is enabled on all my accounts via the mail settings options on sky.com - and all ports etc are correct on the iPhone.

I've seen some advice that suggests visiting www.sky.com/unlock and typing in username and password to unlock the account (whatever that means!). Interestingly this works for the 2 email addresses that will work on my iPhone but not the one that won't. It doesn't even recognise the username for that account. However, as mentioned above I can use this username and password to log onto the Email & Tools section of sky.com and to download emails into Outlook.

All users are visible in MySky profile under the managing additional users section.

I've followed exactly the same process for all accounts so can only conclude that there is something not quite right with the way that the problem secondary email account was initially set up? Interestingly if I create new users with associated email addresses these also work successfully on the iPhone.

I've phoned Sky and received very poor customer service. The first girl insisted that the problem email address could not be a Sky email address despite the fact I told her I could log onto the website and see 35 emails in my inbox. The next chap I spoke to was equally confused and has said he will get someone to call me back...

Has anyone here experienced similar issues? The only difference between the working and non-working secondary accounts is that the problem one was set up at the time my Sky account was opened 2 years ago. One solution for me would be to create a new user account and start using that instead, but that would mean changing my email address on all the sites I regularly use.

I don't think it's an iPhone issue as (a) my other Sky accounts work fine, and (b) I have also had problems on my previous Samsung phone with this account. At the time I just assumed it was an issue with that phone so didn't pursue the issue.

Any help would be very gratefully received.