If I receive an email into my Sky email account containing graphics and I then forward it on to a friend or colleague, the graphics disappear and only plain text is forwarded. (Not talking about the forwarding option in settings here but the forwarding under 'more options'.)

If I fire up Outlook Express and use it to forward the email from the Sky Server inbox to the friend then it is automatically sent with fulll graphics.

As a test, I forwarded a graphics-included email to my Google mail account using OE, it arrived with full graphics. When I forwarded it from my Google mail account to my Sky email account the graphics were sent automatically.

Sky mail is Google mail but only Sky email seems to default to plain text when forwarding onwards.

I've been through the settings, Google mail has a few more than Sky mail including "Browser connection" set to "always use https". But is there a setting in Sky mail, which I have missed, that will cure this problem? I can always go to OE as a work around but this is clumsy.

Thanks hrb.