I am new to this site so, first, please forgive my possible ineptitude!

My problem is that all the links on my Sky email page are suddenly dead.

I can access my Sky email page, and I can "fetch" the post from my Skymail inbox into my new GoogleMail email account and Outlook but I cannot access my SkyMail "junk" folder containing a considerable number of emails which I am unable to check because the link to it (and all the other links on the SkyMail page) do not work.

Particularly puzzling also is the fact that the "junk" folder on GoogleMail remains empty even though I used to receive anything up to thirty junk emails a day on SkyMail, so GoogleMail is apparently fetching my emails from Skymail but not the junk mails.

This would perhaps be OK if one could rely on SkyMail not to junk good mail but unfortunately one cannot!

Can anyone help me, please?