Helping a friend setup her Sky broadband and as she didn't want to use the supplied username for her main email address, we created an additional user (via My Sky > Manage Additional Users etc.).

This user appears on the list of additional users when logged into the portal under the main id, but attempts to login to Email & Tools simply show the "Find out more about Sky email" page. By this I mean that we can login to the Email & Tools portal okay but can't get to her webmail. Mail sent to the secondary comes back as undeliverable implying no mailbox has been created.

We have since setup another user (which shows alongside the first one on the list of additional users) and a working mailbox was immediately created for that user.

I have been in contact with Sky and we've done all the usual troubleshooting stuff like making sure the profile was properly setup and so on. The registration team confirm the existence of the problematic username, but the webmail team concedes there's no mailbox. No one has come with an explanation of how this happened other than there must have been some kind of "outage" during the setup process.

It's three weeks since the problem and the issue has been "escalated", but I'm now doubting that we can salvage that username. Can't see why it's so difficult ...

My question is if I delete that additional user, how quickly (if at all) will that username be thrown back into the pot so that I can recreate it? I'm sure that during one of my many calls to Sky someone implied that once used, a name is never made available again.

Any ideas?