Hi all,

I have had problems with the Sky website/portal that seem a little different to anything I have seen on these forums and have just found a solution that worked for me, so I thought I'd post about it in case it helps anyone else.

Ever since signing up with Sky broadband I have been unable to use the website. The username and password supplied for my main email address never worked, and I ended up creating secondary email accounts for my faimly using an old login I had from having Sky TV service. None of these secondary logins have ever worked on the website either.

When I say that they don't work, basically the username/password combinations are accepted, as when I deliberately enter something wrong it tells me the details are wrong, whereas it doesn't when entering the correct ones. However, once logged in, I never see any content, just lots of "portlet unavailable at this time" messages. This happens in My Sky and the Email Tools section. Recently, I have also been getting a page with just the text "Error 500:" when trying to access the Email and Tools section.

I have never had any trouble with Outlook Express however.

So that's the problem. Now I have just found a solution that worked for me, quite by accident. I was reading the Email Tips & Solutions thread http://www.skyuser.co.uk/forum/sky-e...ns-so-far.html and clicked on the link under the Webmail Log-In Page heading for the tools page. To my surprise it opened up and logged in with the account I most recently tried! This was fully repeatable. Basically, I go to the Sky website and log in. This gives the usual "portlet unavailable" messages, so I close the browser tab. I then return to the above thread and open the link to a new tab. This opens the webmail all logged in, from where I could go to mail settings and enable pop download.

I don't know why this works, but it does. I just checked and I can use the other tools as well, such as the Calendar. I should probably say that I am using Opera as my browser, but I guess this should work for other browsers too. I hope this helps.