Anybody else had instances of this over the last few weeks or so?

I'm still on the old email system (not Google) and using Outlook 2003.

I am aware of the recent problems with mail being thrown into the Junk box on Sky's portal and have suffered with this randomly since it came to light although they appear to have fixed this issue now as it no longer happens.

What is now concerning me is that on a few random occasions over the last few weeks where I have sent mail to various people they claim they are not receiving it. Similarly where people have sent email to me I have definitely not received it. I have checked Sky's portal daily it's not there and I have not had any send/receive errors either! This seems to happening totally at random and only occasionally. The majority seems to be fine.

Another example came to light yesterday with BT e-Billing definitely sent to me but definitely not received by me - where is this missing email going? Where do we stand legally on this issue?

It's got to the stage now where Sky's email system cannot be trusted at all.

It's time the "Sky Broadband Team" on here stopped feeding us their corporate pink and fluffy bull****, earned their money and made an official statement regarding the problems a lot of customers are experiencing with Sky's email systems both old and new!