Hi there

About 6 months ago I got a new sky+ HD box and have loved it. Was great to have all the on demand features and I like the new home screen, it looks good. However a feature I really liked has been removed TV Quick links.

Basically previously you could choose a category on your TV Guide e.g. Documentaries and you could choose from the tv guide and importantly on demand - this would then show you a list of all documentaries available on demand across all on demand services. The same would work for other categories.

Sadly since the update this no longer works and you can only view each on demand player separately. I really liked the old way as I found it was a great way to find hidden programs by searching everything.

For example I enjoy documentaries and found many interesting documentaries such as the act of killing. This has become a lot harder now and would love if it was possible to bring this back?


Here is an example: